I’m a teacher & learning designer.

Hi, my name is Tracy. I’m a teacher & designer. I build learning materials and environments – online and in person.


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I specialize in designing and developing learning environments with others. My focus is accessibility & inclusion through relationship and care.

I do this now in my role as Learning Management Pedagogical Consultant with the First Nations Adult Education School Council, where I support teachers & centres as well as the Indigenous Adult Education Network.

My Places

Here are some of my current places, online.

Personal blog

I have been blogging at Leading from the Heart since 2007. I write about my thoughts on education, from the heart.

Homeschool site

Camping out with Tracy & Jack is a collection of resources & thoughts on homeschooling in Quebec.

Professional site

I design and manage the growing Indigenous Adult Education Network site, where we share resources by and for Indigenous communities across the territory.

πŸ’—Some of my favourite work

These are practices that I hold dear. I continue to think and rework them.

Inclusion / Exclusion

I developed Inclusion through Exclusion for a virtual workshop where we talked about how we address inclusion in practice. (You can see the workshop recording here.)

“Accessibility and inclusion are ideas that many of us strive to achieve in our classrooms and centres. But when we try to define what these ideas actually mean, we might not find common, concrete definitions. Because of this, accessibility and inclusion are often reflected in feel-good activities tacked on to practice instead of a change in how we design material and engage with our learners and colleagues.”

Flexible learning

I have spent a lot of my professional life looking at flexible learning environments. Often, the focus in flexible learning remains on furniture, plants, and lego walls. My interest in flexible learning continues to grow beyond the physical space to include culture and wellness from within program design. The presentation Flexible, not only about Space explores these ideas.

The Magic of Stations

Working in stations continues to amaze me. There is a certain magic that happens when a small group of people gather, especially when done with intention in the classroom or conference room – in person or virtually! I’ve written about it a lot, and Why I still love working in stations summarizes much of the magic for me.

Seeking the good wherever possible.

“The truth about stories is that’s all we are.” ― Thomas King

β€œTo design a game is to imagine the person who will eventually play it.” ― Gabrielle Zevin